Particulars of Information under Section 4-1 (b)  of RTI Act, 2005 in respect of Odisha Computer Application Centre, Technical Directorate of Electronics & Information Technology Department, Govt. of Odisha


4 (1) (b) (i)   The Particulars of its Organization, Functions and Duties

1.    Objective/ purpose of the public authority                        
Odisha Computer Application Centre, the Designated Technical Directorate of Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha, has evolved through years as a center of excellence in Training, IT solutions and e-Governance. It has contributed significantly to the steady growth of IT in the state. The Policy will provide:                        
i)    Inexpensive access to Information                         
ii)    Transparency in governance practice                         
iii)    Door step delivery of host of services                         
iv)    Increased employment                         
v)    High export turnover and economic growth

2.    Mission / Vision Statement of the public authority                         
Government will help IT reach the common citizen so as to narrow down the Digital Divide. Widespread applications of IT would establish a system where the citizens will receive good governance ensuring speed of decisions from a transparent Government through an effective e-Governance System.

3.    Brief history of the public authority and context of its formation                        
Odisha Computer Application Centre(OCAC) was registered under Society Registration Act 1860 on dated 21-03-1985 re-designated as Technical Directorate of Electronics & Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha.

4.    Duties of the public authority                         
i)    To formulate and recommend a computer policy for the State Government.

ii)    Disseminate knowledge on all aspects of information processing systems and allied subjects and to foster the development of this specialized branch of technology.

iii)    To create computer awareness in the Government Departments and Public Undertakings and to train personnel at all levels.

iv)    To prepare board based training programmes in computer uses for personnel of the various departments of the Government and of the Public Undertakings.

v)    To draw up a programme for manpower development in the field of information processing.

vi)    Help in the preparation / adoption of standard equipment and system development practices in the field of electronic data processing.

vii)    Provide support for software development.

viii)    To assess requirements of hardware for implementing computer applications of use Government Departments and Public Undertakings and monitor the acquisition process.

ix)    To co-ordinate computer facilities and functions of various Government Departments and Public Undertakings in the State with a view to data integration at all levels.

x)    To assist implementation of modern management techniques viz, Organisation & Methods, Critical Path Methods, Programme Evaluation & Review Technology etc. using computers.

xi)    To encourage and promote the use of computers for scientific research and development, educational and governmental applications.

xii)    To keep computer applications up to date, to adopt modern concepts in information technology and to explore new fields for computer applications.

xiii)    To co-ordinate with sister agencies in other States and in the Centre.

xiv)    To arrange seminars and workshop on computer application.

xv)    To set up computer hardware facility for use by Government Departments, Public Undertakings and other uses.

xvi)    To do and perform such other acts, matters and things that may assist in, be conducive to or the necessary for the fulfillment of the above mentioned objectives of the Centre.

5.    Main activities/ functions of the public authority                        
Odisha Computer Application Centre, the Designated Technical Directorate of Information Technology Department, Government of Odisha, has evolved through years as a center of excellence in Training, IT solutions and e-Governance. It has contributed significantly to the steady growth of IT in the state. 

6.    List of services being provided by the public authority with a brief write-up on them                         
The Information Technology Department is responsible for performing the following activities.                         
i)    e-Governance                         
ii)    Citizen Services                         
iii)    Education & Training                         
iv)    Capacity Building                         
v)    Infrastructure Building                         
vi)    Data Centers                         
vii)    Networking                        
viii)    Technology Support 

7.    Organization Structure Diagram at various levels namely State, directorate, region district, block etc. (whichever is applicable).

Organisation Chart

8.    Expectation of the public authority from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency                         
Public authority expects full co-operation from the public for enhancing its effectiveness and efficiency by using the new technology. 

9.    Arrangements and methods made for seeking public participation / contribution                        
 State Portal is designed to provide information on various citizen centric services in order to interact with citizen. Public can provide feedback / comments through e-mail or postal correspondence. 

10.    Mechanism available for monitoring the service delivery and public grievance resolution.                        
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer holds grievance hearing on the relevant grievance petition. 

11.    Addresses of the main office and other officers at different levels.                         
(Please categories the addresses district wise for facilitating the understanding by the user).                        
Addresses of the main office and other offices at different levels.                         
Head Office :                          
Odisha Computer Application Centre, Plot No. N-1/7D, OCAC Building, Acharya Vihar Square                        
P.O.: RRL, Bhubaneswar-751013.

OCAC Facility Centres                        
Odisha Computer Application Centre,                        
STPI Complex, Berhampur.

12.    Morning hours of the office : 10 AM                        
Closing hours of the office  : 5.30 PM

4 (1) (b) (ii) Powers and duties of officers and employees

Delegation of Administrative & Financial Power is as per Annexure


4 (1) (b) (iii) The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability                        
A proposal is received it is placed before the concerned Authority for their appraisal.  Then it comes down to the General Manager (Admn.) for marking the proposal to the concerned Divisions. The concern division head puts the proposal in a file and provide the availability of data / information in form of noting and send to the concerned Officer for observation.  The proposal is routed through the Divisional Head to the Chief Executive / General Manager (Admn.) as the case may be for examination and final decision.  If a proposal so requires, it is placed before the Chairman / Governing Body soliciting approval.  

SlnoActivityLevel of ActionTime Frame
1Received at Diary SectionDiaristSame day
2Appraisal of the concerned authority.Chief ExecutiveSame day
3MarkingG.M (A)/OSD/DGMSame day
4Putting a diary numberDiaristSame day
5Noting by Dealing AssistantDealing Assistant

Three days Same day if urgent in nature.

6Observation by CEOObservation by CEOSame day
7Observation by concerned OfficerConcerned OfficerSame day
8Examination by General Manager (Admn.)Chief Executive OfficerOne day
9For taking decisionChairmanOne day

4 (1) (b) (iv) The norms set by it for the discharge of its functions :                       

SlnoActivityTime Frame / NormRemark
1Diary of letter3 minutes per letter-
2Dispatch of letter5 minutes per letterRegistered Dak including entry in Messenger Book.
3Typing job30-pages per day-

4 (1) (b) (v) Rules, Regulations, Instructions, Manual and Records, for Discharging Functions                      
List of Regulations, Instructions, Manuals and Records

            OCAC follows following rules, regulations, instructions, Manuals and records like, OCAC Service Rules-1996, Orissa Service Code, Orissa General Financial Rules, Orissa Civil Services (Classification, Control & Appeal), Rules-1962, Orissa Government Servant’s Conduct Rules, Orissa TA Rules, Orissa Medical Attendance Rules, GPF/EPF Rules and other instructions issued from time to time by the Governing Body for discharging functions.                      
The above rules and instructions are published by this Agency.

4 (1) (b)  (vi)   A statement of the categories of documents that are held by it or under its control                      
A statement of the categories of documents held

SlnoNature of recordDetails of information available.Unit / Section /  where availableRetention period, where available.
1Personal  CasePersonal cases of employeesAdministrative Section. -
2AdvancesMedical, Motor Cycle, Moped, Bicycle, Computer, etc.Administrative Section. 
3CCRsEmployeesAdministrative Section. 
4BudgetSalary / ContingencyAccounts Section. 
5GISGIS mattersAccounts Section. 
6PensionPension mattersAdministrative Section. 
7Transfer & PostingTransfer & PostingAdministrative Section. 
8Field EstablishmentEstablishment workAdministrative Section. 
9RCMRCM mattersAdministrative Section. 
10Court casesLegal mattersAdministrative Section. 
11Stock Ledger (Office Stationary)Stock & Store of the Agency.Administrative Section. 
12VehicleVehicle position and Expenditure.Administrative Section. 
13TelephoneTelephone position of Expenditure.Administrative Section. 
14ContingencyOther contingent Expenditure.Administrative Section. 
15Activity ReportAnnual Activity ReportAdministrative Section. 
16T.AT.A particularsAccounts Section. 
17Asst.Directors meetings.Monthly Review matters.Administrative Section. 
18Meetings / SeminarsMeeting / Seminar matters.Administrative Section. 
19Assembly mattersCoordination of Assembly Question.Administrative Section. 
20MiscellaneousMiscellaneous mattersAdministrative Division. 
21AccountsCash Book, Ledgers, Registers, Vouchers.Accounts Section. 
22Diary RegistersDiary of lettersAccounts Division 
23UOR RegisterReceipt of files from other Divisions.Administrative Division. 
24UOI RegisterIssue of files to other Department.Administrative Division. 
25Assembly Question Register.Entry of Assembly Questions.Administrative Division. 
26Issue RegisterLetter No./Date/ File No. / address of addresses.Administrative Division. 
27Postal RegisterReceipt & Expenditure of postal stamp.Administrative Division. 
28Peon BookDespatch RegisterAdministrative Division. 


4 (1) (b) (vii) Particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by, the members of the public in relation to the formulation of its policy or implementation thereof

Details of consultative committees and other bodies with which consultations are held.

Sl. No.Name & address of the Consultative Committees / bodiesConstitution of the Committee / bodyRole & responsibilityFrequency of meeting

Acharya Vihar Square, PO-RRL, Bhubaneswar-751013


Governing BodyTo render advice as and when required.Quarterly


4 (1) (b) (viii) A statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies consisting of two or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice, and as to whether meetings of those boards, councils, committees and other bodies are open to the public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for public;

A governing body of officials to guide professionals realizes the vision and mission of IT. They also guide the team in setting goals and accomplishing them. Last but not the least, the chairman and members are instrumental in making policy decisions and setting the agenda for surging OCAC ahead.

SI. No.DepartmentDesignation

Chairman, OCAC (Commissioner-cum-Secretary, Department of Information and Technology (IT), Government of Odisha ) >



Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Finance Department, Government of Odisha >





Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Government, Science & Technology Department, Government of Odisha>



Secretary Administrative Reforms , G.A. Department, Government of Odisha >



Chairman & Managing Director, Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (IDCO ) >



Vice Chancellor, Biju Pattnaik University of Technology, Odisha>


Member >



Director, International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Bhubaneswar>





Sri Debabrata Das, Professor, Indian Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore>


Member >



Additional Director, Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Bhubaneswar >



Chief Executive Officer, OCAC >


Member - convenor


4 (1) (b) (ix) A directory of its officers and employees

Employee Directory


Employee NameDesignationPhone/Extn[dot] No[dot]e-Mail Id
Mr[dot] Manoj Kumar Mishra, IRTSChairman2567584/222itsec[dot]or[at]nic[dot]in
Mr[dot] Manoj Kumar Pattnaik, IASChief Executive Officer2567280/200ceo[dot]ocac[at]odisha[dot]gov[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Madhumita Rath, OAS (S)General Manager (Admin)2567363/235gm_ocac[at]ocac[dot]in

Mr[dot] Prabodh Kumar Rout, OAS(I)


Administrative Officer303ao[dot]ocac[at]odisha[dot]gov[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Jayanti Kumar Dei, OFS(I)JBAFA-cum-Under Secy, E & IT and Ex-Officio DGM(F) OCAC205jayanti-dei[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Swarup Kumar DasSr[dot] Accounts Asst[dot]210swarup[dot]das[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Sandhya Mohanty

Associate Accts[dot] Asst[dot]


Mrs[dot] Minati PatnaikSr[dot] Librarian215minati[dot]patnaik[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Suresh Kumar MohapatraSr[dot] Executive Assistant211suresh[dot]mohapatra[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Rosnarani SrichandanSr[dot] Executive Stenographer169rosna[dot]srichandan[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Kabita MohapatraPersonal Assistant223kabita[dot]mohapatra[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Abhaya SamantraySr[dot] Steno160abhaya[dot]samantray[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Rita MallSr[dot] Steno168rita[dot]mall[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Puspalata PandaSr[dot] Steno217puspa[dot]panda[at]ocac[dot]in


Employee NameDesignationPhone/Extn[dot] No[dot]e-Mail Id
Mr[dot] Saroj Kumar TripathyJt[dot] General Manager (Technical)2392870/206saroj[dot]tripathy[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Umesh Chandra MishraDy[dot] General Manager (Technical)288umesh[dot]mishra[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Bibhuti Bhusan OjhaSr[dot] Systems Analyst0661-2650611bibhuti[dot]ojha[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Sanjay Krishna SahaniSr[dot] Systems Analyst2532100sanjay[dot]sahani[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Manas Ranjan PatiSr[dot] Systems Analyst102manas[dot]pati[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Jayashree MishraSr[dot] Systems Analyst127jayashree[dot]mishra[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Sudhasmita MohantySr[dot] Software Engineer103sudha[dot]mohanty[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Kalpana BiswalSr[dot] Software Engineer103kalpana[dot]biswal[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Sarathi MallikSr[dot] Software Engineer2392870sarathi[dot]mallik[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Subrat MohantySr[dot] Software Engineer164subrat[dot]mohanty[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Surjya Chandra RajAddl[dot] Maint[dot] Engineer212surjya[dot]raj[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Arun BairiganjanSystem Administrator214arun[dot]bairiganjan[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Souri Ranjan DasSystem Administrator221souri[dot]das[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Tushar Kanti MohapatraAddl[dot] Maintenance Engineer219tushar[dot]mohapatra[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Nirod Ku[dot] MohantyData Processing OfficerNAnirod[dot]mohanty[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Binakar OjhaData Processing Officer109binakar[dot]ojha[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Prahallad SethiData Processing Officer0661-2650611prahallad[dot]sethi[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Kamraj DigalData Processing Officer210kamraj[dot]digal[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Sudhir SatpathyData Processing Officer108sudhir[dot]satpathy[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Pama MarandiData Processing Officer109pama[dot]marandi[at]ocac[dot]in
Mrs[dot] Surubali MarandiData Processing Officer216surubali[dot]marandi[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Bijay Kumar MohantyData Processing Officer111bijay[dot]mohanty[at]ocac[dot]in

Mr[dot] S[dot] Srinivas (BFC)


SW Engineer9437166855s[dot]srinivas[at]ocac[dot]in
Mr[dot] Sanjay Ku[dot] DeyArtist109sanjay[dot]dey[at]ocac[dot]in


Employee NameDesignationPhone/Extn[dot] No[dot]e-Mail Id
Mr[dot] Gangadhar BiswalDriverNANA
Mr[dot] Kailash Chandra MohapatraSr[dot] PeonNANA
Mr[dot] Prafulla Ku[dot] MukhiSr[dot] SweeperNANA
Mr[dot] Promod Ku[dot] RoutSr[dot] Peon-cum-sweeperNANA
Mr[dot] Bijay Ku[dot] SatapthyPoenNANA
Mr[dot] Niranjan DasSr[dot] WatchmanNANA
Mr[dot] K[dot] AppannaSr[dot] WatchmanNANA
Mrs[dot] Sukanti NaikSr[dot] PeonNANA


4 (1) (b) (x) The monthly remuneration received by each of its officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in its regulations;

Employee NameDesignationPhone/Extn[dot] No[dot]Pay-Scale               
(as on 01.01.2016)



Mr. Manoj Kumar Mishra, IRTS







Mr. Manoj Kumar Pattnaik, IAS


Chief Executive Officer





Mrs. Madhumita Rath OAS (S)


General Manager (Admin)






Mr. Jayanti Kumar Dei, OFS(I)JB


Dy. General Manager(Finance)





Mr. Prabodh Kumar Rout, OAS (I)


Administrative Officer






Mr. Swarup Kumar Das


Sr. Accounts Asst.






Mrs. Minati Patnaik


Sr. Librarian






Mr. Satyasish Nayak


Office Assistant






Mr. Suresh Kumar Mohapatra


Sr. Executive Assistant






Mrs. Rosnarani Srichandan


Personal Assistant






Mrs. Kabita Mohapatra


Personal Assistant






Mrs. Abhaya Samantray


Sr. Steno






Mrs. Sandhya Mohanty


Associate Accts. Asst.






Mrs. Rita Mall


Sr. Steno






Mrs. Puspalata Panda


Sr. Steno






Mr. Saroj Kumar Tripathy


Jt. General Manager






Mr. Umesh Chandra Mishra


Dy. General Manager






Mr. Bibhuti Bhusan Ojha


Sr. Systems Analyst






Mr. Sanjay Krishna Sahani


Sr. Systems Analyst






Mr. Manas Ranjan Pati


Sr. Systems Analyst






Mrs. Jayashree Mishra


Sr. Systems Analyst






Mr. Subrat Mohanty


Sr. Software Engineer






Mrs. Sudhasmita Mohanty


Sr. Software Engineer






Mrs. Kalpana Biswal


Sr. Software Engineer






Mrs. Sarathi Mallik


Sr. SE (IT Portal)






Mr. Surjya Chandra Raj


Addl. Maint. Engineer






Mr. Tushar Kanti Mohapatra


Addl. Maintenance Engineer






Mr. Nirod Ku. Mohanty


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Binakar Ojha


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Prahallad Sethi


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Kamraj Digal


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Sudhir Satpathy


Data Processing Officer






Mrs. Pama Marandi


Data Processing Officer






Mrs. Surubali Marandi


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Bijay Kumar Mohanty


Data Processing Officer






Mr. Gangadhar Biswal








Mr. Kailash Ch. Mohapatra


Sr. Peon






Mr. Tulasi Prasad Sharma


Sr. Watchman






Mr. Pramod Kishore Rout


Sr. Peon-cum-Sweeper






Mr. Bijay Ku. Satapathy








Mr. Niranjan Das


Sr. watchman






Mr. K. Appana


Sr. watchman






Smt. Sukanti Naik


Sr. Peon






Mr. Arun Bairiganjan


System Administrator






Mr. Souri Ranjan Das


System Asministrator






Mr. S. Srinivas (BFC)


SW Engineer






Mr. Sanjay Ku. Dey







4 (1) (b) (xi) The budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of all plans, proposed expenditures and reports on disbursements made in Year 2009-2010

State-Plan Budget (i.e. 2009-10)

Name of the Agency : Odisha Computer Application Centre (OCAC)

(Rs. in Lakh)

Sl. No.Name of the Scheme /HeadActivityStarting Date of the ActivityPlanned end Date of the ActivityAmount ProposedAmount SanctionedAmount Released / Disbursed (No. of installment)Actual Expenditure for the year 09-10
1Establishment of OCAC - State PlanEstt. Of OCACContinuing Scheme100.00100.00100.00100.00
2Establishment of OCAC - Non-PlanEstt. Of OCAC- Do -30.4730.4730.4730.47
3IT Enable Services (ITES)Maint of Secretariat LAN- Do -
4Promotion & Facilitation of IT IndustriesPromotion of IT Industries- Do -50.0050.0050.0050.00
5Implementation of e-Governance Project as per National eGovernance Programme (NeGP)Implementation of e-Governance Projects- Do -2312.002312.002312.001954.30
6Odisha Secretariat Automation SystemImplementation of Secretariat Automation- Do -572.00572.00572.00572.00
7e-ProcurementImplementation of e-Procurement in the state- Do -
8Smart PanchayatComputerisation of activities of Gram Panchayat- Do -100.00100.00100.00100.00
9OCAC Incubation towerConstruction of OCAC Tower- Do -550.00550.00550.00550.00


4 (1) (b) (xii) The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including the amounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes;

List of Individuals given subsidy Following subsidies are released to individuals under Self Employment Schemes “Information Kiosk” (2003-04 to 2007-08) towards opening of Information Kiosks in Districts. The subsidy is released 25% of investment amount subject to maximum of Rs. 25,000/-.

List of beneficiaries under Self Emloyment Scheme - Information KIOSK

Sl. No.Name of the beneficiaryName of the DistrictApplied during Financial YearAmount of subsidy released (in Rs.)Released on
1Jugal Kishore SamalBoudh2003-0425000.0025-Apr-05
2Laxmikanta NayakKendrapara2003-0425000.0021-Sep-05
3Rabi Narayana HodopoGajapati2003-0425000.0020-Sep-05
4Ajit Kumar SahuGajapati2003-0425000.0020-Sep-05
5Nilima PatelJharsuguda2003-0425000.0021-Sep-05
6Krushna Chandra BeheraJajpur2003-0425000.0019-Oct-05
7Ajit Kumar MishraDeogarh2004-0525000.0011-Nov-05
8Anup Mohan SahuDeogarh2003-0425000.0011-Nov-05
9Dilip Kumar HotaGajapati2005-0625000.0021-Nov-05
10Sasmita PattnaikGanjam2004-0525000.0014-Dec-05
11Uttam Kumar BarikMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0026-Dec-05
12Siva Sankar PandaMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0026-Dec-05
13Managobinda MohantyMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0026-Dec-05
14Kalpana SenapatiMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0026-Dec-05
15Bijaya Kumar SahuMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0026-Dec-05
16Ashok Kumar SahuBargarh2004-0524975.0017-Feb-06
17Nitin Kumar AgrawalBargarh2004-0525000.0017-Feb-06
18Chinmayananda MishraBargarh2004-0525000.0017-Feb-06
19Sujeet PattnaikDhenkanal2004-0525000.0017-Feb-06
20Parthasarathi RayJagatsingpur2004-0525000.0017-Feb-06
21Ajay Kumar JenaJagatsingpur2004-0525000.0017-Feb-06
22Nabanitam MohantyJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0017-Feb-06
23Manindra PattnaikCuttack2004-0525000.0001-Mar-06
24Srirupa AcharyaCuttack2003-0417500.0001-Mar-06
25Manas PattnaikCuttack2004-0525000.0001-Mar-06
26Subas Kumar AcharyaCuttack2004-0525000.0001-Mar-06
27Jayeeta PradhanCuttack2004-0525000.0001-Mar-06
28Malaya Kumar DuttaBargarh2004-0525000.0001-Mar-06
29Gyani Gautam MohapatraKhurda2004-0525000.0007-Mar-06
30Baijayantimala MohantyKhurda2004-0525000.0007-Mar-06
31Indira PandaKhurda2003-0425000.0007-Mar-06
32Prasanta Kumar DasJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0020-Mar-06
33Bhakta Bandhu SwainJagatsingpur2005-0624000.0020-Mar-06
34Upendra Kumar MundKalahandi2004-0525000.0024-Mar-06
35Swarnendu Sai PattnaikKalahandi2004-0525000.0024-Mar-06
36Tapan Kumar BeheraKalahandi2004-0525000.0024-Mar-06
37Prafulla Kumar RowloKalahandi2004-0525000.0024-Mar-06
38Pravat Kumar DasKendrapara2004-0525000.0031-Mar-06
39Manoj Kumar SahooKendrapara2004-0525000.0031-Mar-06
40Basudev SahooNayagarh2004-0524893.0020-Apr-06
41Chandra Mohanty Nageswar PattnaikMalkangiri2004-0525000.0004-Jul-06
42Nirmala MohapatraMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0004-Jul-06
43Dillip Kumar MahabhoiMayurbhanj2004-0525000.0004-Jul-06
44Laba MoharanaNayagarh2004-0525000.0004-Jul-06
45Suresh Kumar SahooNayagarh2004-0525000.0004-Jul-06
46Sri Ramesh Kumar TripathyCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
47Sri Deepak Kumar SwainCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
48Sri Sangram Keshari SwainCuttack2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
49Sri Chandra Sekhar BeheraCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
50Shakil AhmedCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
51Sri Akshaya Kumar SahooCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
52Sri Sibanarayan PandaCuttack2005-0625000.0027-Jul-06
53Sri Manoj Kumar BeheraCuttack2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
54Sri Manik Chand SahooCuttack2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
55Sri Dillip Kumar ChhatoiCuttack2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
56Smt. Tanushree PattnaikBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
57Sri Chandan Kumar BeheraBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
58Sri Krushna Chandra BeheraBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
59Sri Manoranjan PatraBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
60Sri Pravakar MishraBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
61Sri Raj Kiran DasBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
62Sri Sujit Kumar DasBalasore2003-0425000.0027-Jul-06
63Sri Arun Kumar PatraBalasore2004-0513458.0027-Jul-06
64Sri Ashok Kumar MishraBalasore2004-0524000.0027-Jul-06
65Sri Debashish NayakBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
66Sri Dillip Kumar BiswalBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
67Sri Dillip Kumar RoutBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
68Sri Himansubhusan PandaBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
69Sri Jyoti Prakash MohapatraBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
70Sri Pradeep Kumar MohantyBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
71Sri Purnendu KarBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
72Sri Tapan Kumar PandaBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
73Sri Tapan Kumar SahuBalasore2004-0525000.0027-Jul-06
74Sri Sanjib Kumar KhandayatrayCuttack2005-0625000.0031-Aug-06
75Ms. Jyotibidya KanungoCuttack2005-0625000.0031-Aug-06
76Sri Ranjan Kumar SahooAngul2003-0425000.0031-Aug-06
77Sri Utpal Kumar GarnaikAngul2004-0525000.0031-Aug-06
78Bikramaditya JenaBhadrak2004-0525000.0019-Sep-06
79Sanjaya Kumar MahalikBhadrak2005-0625000.0019-Sep-06
80Smt. Minati NayakBhadrak2005-0625000.0019-Sep-06
81Sri Subodh NayakBhadrak2004-0525000.0019-Sep-06
82Sri Rakesh SamantaBhadrak2004-0525000.0019-Sep-06
83Sri Barada Prasana TripathyKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
84Sri Arun Kumar BaralKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
85Sri Bikash MohantyKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
86Sri Govinda Chandra ReddyKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
87Smt. Sukantilata PandaKhurda2004-0525000.0018-Sep-06
88Smt. Amita PandaKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
89Sri Anirudha NayakKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
90Smt. Supriya SarkarKhurda2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
91Sri Nrusingha Charan MishraJajpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
92Sri Bijaya Kumar SahooJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
93Sri Ambika Prasad MohapatraJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
94Sri Sukanta Kumar DasJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
95Sri Ranjit SahooJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
96Sri Pramod Kumar PalJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0018-Sep-06
97Sri Subhransu Kumar PatraKhurda2005-0625000.0013-Oct-06
98Sri Santanu Kumar MishraKhurda2005-0625000.0013-Oct-06
99Sri Amitabh PatnaikKhurda2004-0525000.0013-Oct-06
100 Sri Piyush Kumar HotaDhenkanal2005-0625000.0031-Oct-06
101Sri Manabesh ChoudhuryDhenkanal2005-0625000.0031-Oct-06
102Sri Benudhar PradhanKhurda2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
103Sri Nirod Chandra BeuraKhurda2005-0625000.0016-Nov-06
104Sri Ajaya Kumar SahooKhurda2005-0625000.0016-Nov-06
105Sri Arnada Prasad DasKhurda2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
106Sri Tapaswini SahooKhurda2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
107Sri Bhaskar SahooKhurda2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
108Sri Sanuja Kumar MahalaKhurda2005-0625000.0016-Nov-06
109Sri Biswajit JenaKhurda2005-0625000.0016-Nov-06
110Sri Barenya Kumar NandaKhurda2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
111Sri Arup Kumar JenaBalasore2003-0425000.0016-Nov-06
112Sri Debashish MohantyBalasore2004-0525000.0016-Nov-06
113Sri Prabira Kishore MishraCuttack2005-0625000.0005-Dec-06
114Sri Sidharth MishraCuttack2005-0625000.0005-Dec-06
115Sri Saroj Kanta SahooJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0005-Dec-06
116Sri Anjan Kumar DasJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0005-Dec-06
117Sri Jitendra SamantrayJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0005-Dec-06
118Sri Soubhagya Kumar SahuDeogarh2005-0625000.0030-Dec-06
119Sri Lokanath BeheraMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0030-Dec-06
120Sri Manas Ranjan SahooNayagarh2005-0625000.0030-Dec-06
121Sri Raj Kishore SahooCuttack2005-0625000.0011-Jan-07
122Smt. Kaberi TripathyCuttack2005-0625000.0011-Jan-07
123Sri Achala Kumar PanigrahiGanjam2005-0624450.0007-Feb-07
124Smt. Itishree MohantyAngul2005-0625000.0007-Feb-07
125Sri Pratyush Kumar BalCuttack2005-0625000.0007-Feb-07
126Sri Pramod Kumar PandaMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0007-Feb-07
127Sri Anjan Kumar BhuyanMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0007-Feb-07
128Sri Bancha Nidhi SethKalahandi2004-0525000.0015-Feb-07
129Sri Manas Ranjan PandaKalahandi2004-0525000.0015-Feb-07
130Sri Bibhu Ranjan MundKalahandi2005-0625000.0015-Feb-07
131Sri Hara Prasad PattnaikSundargarh2005-0625000.0015-Feb-07
132Sri Rajani Kanta PattnaikPuri2005-0625000.0015-Feb-07
133Sri Subash Chandra sahuMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
134Smt. Renubala TripathyNayagarh2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
135Sri Sanjaya Kumar PalJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
136Sri S. S. Ansuman SambitBoudh2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
137Sri Soumitra Kumar BeheraSambalpur2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
138Sri Tumulu Bimal KumarSambalpur2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
139Sri Saroj Kumar SahuKalahandi2005-0625000.0007-Mar-07
140Sri Saroj Kanta PatiKendrapara2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
141Ms. Aliva PradhanAngul2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
142Sri Lingaraj NayakMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
143Sri Dhrubendu Bikash BasuriMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
144Smt. Lalita SahuMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
145Sri Suvendu Kumar BagMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
146Sri Kartik Kumar KhatuaBhadrak2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
147Sri Satyanarayan KhuntiaBhadrak2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
148Sri Binod Kumar Dhall SamantaBhadrak2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
149Sri Sudhansu Sekhar SamantaBhadrak2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
150Sri Sudhansu Sekhar NayakBhadrak2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
151Sri Dhananjaya SatpathyCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
152Ms. Urbashi NayakCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
153Ms. Annapurna NayakCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
154Sri Ranjan Kumar DasCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
155Sri Bibhuti Bhusan JethyCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
156Sri Dillip Kumar PanigrahiCuttack2005-0625000.0029-Mar-07
157Sri Pranab Kishore BaralaKendrapara2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
158Sri Kiran Shankar AcharyaJagatsingpur2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
159Sri Sangram Keshari BiswalJajpur2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
160Sri Satchidananda JenaJajpur2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
161Sri Suresh DeoriaSundargarh2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
162Sri Bibhuti Bhusan PatiAngul2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
163Sri Swadhin Kumar BarikGanjam2005-0622500.0031-Mar-07
164Sri Rabindranath MohantyGanjam2005-0625000.0031-Mar-07
165Sri Sasanka Sekhar PandaBhadrak2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
166Sri Manas Ranjan SamalJajpur2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
167Sri Surath BhuyanJajpur2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
168Ms. Sanjukta Kumari PatraGajapati2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
169Sri Balaram PandaGajapati2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
170Sri Narayan Prasad MohapatraGajapati2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
171Sri Santosh Kumar PandaKoraput2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
172Sri K. Srinivas RaoKoraput2004-0525000.0028-Apr-07
173Sri Nihar Ranjan PatnaikKoraput2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
174Sri Prasan Kumar DasJagatsighpur2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
175Sri Manoj Kumar SwainJagatsighpur2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
176Sri Laxmikanta MohapatraJagatsighpur2005-0625000.0028-Apr-07
177Ms. Geetanjali SahuGajapati2005-0625000.0016-May-07
178Pranati SarangiCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
179Alka BiswalCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
180Sri Prakash Kumar SwainCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
181Sri Satya Narayan PatraCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
182Sri Shibananda MishraCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
183Sri Girish Chandra MishraCuttack2005-0625000.0021-May-07
184Charubala DeyMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
185Sri Pankaj Kumar SahooNayagarh2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
186Sri Deepak SamalSundargarh2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
187Sri Anirudha PradhanSundargarh2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
188Sri Sujit Kumar JenaGanjam2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
189Truptirekha DasKandhamal2005-0625000.0031-Jul-07
190Sudhakar SahooNayagarh2005-0625000.0031-Aug-07
191Sri Sanjay Kumar SethaAngul2005-0625000.0031-Aug-07
192Akash Kumar RoyMayurbhanj2005-0625000.0031-Aug-07
193Debasmita DasBalasore2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
194Umesh Chandra MahalingBargarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
195Dinanath AgrawalBargarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
196Anil Kumar MohapatraBargarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
197Sudeepta Kumar PanigrahiBargarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
198Suresh Kumar KaushikBargarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
199Rasmi DasDhenkanal2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
200Jyostnamayee RathKendrapara2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
201Rakesh Kumar SahooKendrapara2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
202Raghunath SethyKendrapara2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
203Akshaya Kumar MohantyNayagarh2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
204Jitendra Ku. JainNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
205Anil Ku. MeherNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
206Rahim KhanNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
207Md. ArifNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
208Satyaban MeherNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
209Sanjaya Ku. MishraNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
210Tikeswar Nath ThakurNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
211Nihar Ranjan BeheraNuapada2005-0625000.0026-Jul-08
212Sangita BeheraKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
213Priyadarshinee ElorikaKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
214Rohit Kumar SahooKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
215Benudhar PadhiKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
216Gopal Chandra DasKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
217Pradip Kumar MishraKalahandi2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
218Sagarika DeviKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
219Geetarani MahantaKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
220Asit Ku. JenaKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
221Susanta Ku. SwainKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
222Ranjita SahooKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
223Pradeep Ku. MohantyKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
224Sushanta Ku. MohapatraKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
225Ranjita BarikKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
226Rahimtulla KhanKhurda2005-0622500.005-Aug-08
227Santosh Ku. DashKhurda2005-0623902.005-Aug-08
228Deepa PattnaikKhurda2005-0624608.005-Aug-08
229Pratap Ch. KhuntiaKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
230Bishnubrata DasKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
231Sanghamitra MohantyKhurda2005-0624938.005-Aug-08
232Amaresh RoutrayKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
233Smrutipriya BeheraKhurda2005-0625000.005-Aug-08
234Sahid MohamadKhurda2005-0620833.005-Aug-08
235Md. Tahir HossainKhurda2005-0619358.005-Aug-08
236Utpalika RoutrayCuttack2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
237Kalpataru BaralCuttack2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
238Manoranjan PradhanCuttack2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
239Shishir Kumar TripathyCuttack2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
240Bijan Kumar MurmuMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
241Manas Ku. MohapatraMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
242Uttam Kumar ModakMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
243Miranbala JenaMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
244Anshuman GhoshMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
245Archana PandaMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
246Manas Kumar MatiaMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
247Damburudhar RoutMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
248Kshetra Mohan MarndiMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
249Bhima Charan MohantaMayurbhanj2005-0622500.007-Aug-08
250Jayanta Kumar PradhanMayurbhanj2005-0622500.007-Aug-08
251Sarat Kumar DasMayurbhanj2005-0625000.007-Aug-08
252Sri Dheeraj Kumar MahanaKalahandi2005-0625000.003-Nov-08
253Sri Nrusingha Kumar SamantarayGanjam2005-0622775.003-Nov-08
254Sushanta Kumar MahakhudSambalpur2007-0825000.0019-Mar-09
255Santoshini MishraSambalpur2007-0817500.0019-Mar-09
256KALYANI NAYAKCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
257MADHAB CHANDRA DASCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
258RABINDRA KUMAR SWAINCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
259RANJAN KUMAR MALLIKCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
260ANIR RANJAN SAHOOCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
261TAPAN KUMAR ROUTCuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
262DEBA DUTTA BEHERACuttack2007-0825000.0023-Mar-09
263Mirza Salaudin BaigJajpur2007-0825000.0006-Mar-10
264Siva Prasad ParidaJajpur2007-0825000.0006-Mar-10
265Basnti Lata SahooJajpur2007-0825000.0006-Mar-10
266Smitarani SahooKhurda2007-0825000.0003-Aug-10


4 (1) (b) (xiii) Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits of authorizations granted by it.    


(xiv) Information available in an Electronic Form

Sl.No.Activities for which Electronic data availableNature of information availableCan it be share with publicIs it available         
on website or         
is being used         
as back end         
1.Tender Call Notices-YesWebsite :
2.OCAC Activities Report-YesWebsite :


4 (1) (b) (xv) The particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information, including the working hours of a library or reading room, if maintained for public use;

Sl. No.Facility availableNature of informationWorking hours
1.www.ocac.inElectronic MediaAll round the day
2.Notice BoardVisual MediaDuring Office hours
3.Publicity WingPrinted materialsDuring Office hours


4 (1) (b) (xvi) The names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers; 

The Name Designations and other particulars of APIOs/ PIO/ Appellate Authority of OCAC

 Sr. No. NameDesignationOffice AddressTelephone NosFax No.
1Assistant Public Information Officer (APIO)Shri Bijaya Kumar MohantyData Processing OfficerOCAC, Achrya Vihar, Bhubaneswar



2Public Information Officer (PIO)Shri Prabodh Kumar Rout, OAS(I)Administra-tive Officer-do-0674-2567280 (Ext. 303)-do-
3 Appellate AuthorityMrs. Madhumita Rath, OAS (S)General Manager (Admn)-do-0674-2567280 (Ext. 235)-


4 (1) (b) (xvii) Such other information as may be prescribed and thereafter update these publications every year;

The relevant facts affecting public are published in the daily newspapers and also floated in OCAC’s own website