The Government in the Department of Information Technology has taken several initiatives for the promotion of IT in the State. IT has been accorded status of a priority sector. The Government has made it mandatory for all departments to allocate 3% of their budget for procurement of hardware and software. Local IT/ITES units will be awarded a price difference of 10% in Government tenders. IT literacy programmes have been introduced in schools and colleges for familiarizing students on the use of computers. The IT department is also conducting training programs for government employees in various departments. 
For the promotion of IT in the State, the cell will undertake the following:

  • A comparative study of the current ICT-Policy of the State with those of other States and suggest a competitive positioning of the State through SWOT analysis. 
  • Suggest changes/modifications required in the policy from time to time to match overall industrial and IT scenario. 
  • Participation in selected IT events (Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, Exhibitions, Expositions, Trade Fairs) of Regional, National and International nature. 
  • Organizing Road Shows and Investors' Meet at major IT/ITES hubs of the country and at identified oversees locations in US, Europe, Dubai, Australia. 
  • Organizing one Investors' Meet and/or a major IT event at least once every two years in the State Capital or at other emerging IT destinations like Rourkela, Berhampur and Sambalpur. 
  • Keeping in touch with other State Govt. organization like IDCO, IPICOL, Tourism Department, Science & Technology Department, Information & Public Relation Department, Orissa Investment & Export romotion Office (OIEPO), New Delhi for coordinated and synergetic actions & programmes in the IT/ITES sectors. 
  • Keeping in touch with Ministry of Information & Communication Technology, GOI and other agencies like STPI, ESC, CDAC, NISG for coordinated and synergetic actions & programmes in the IT/ITES sectors. 
  • Ensure availability of all IT/ITES State related data, information on the State Govt. portal and Website of the Technical Directorate of the Department of Information Technology 
  • Preparation of world-class promotional materials like brochures, CD's etc. for distribution at IT / ITES events and updating of the same at suitable intervals. 
  • Workout detail programme for promotional campaign in mass media and electronic media. Appoint a suitable consultant for Media Management. 
  • Work out a realistic annual budget for each activity and programme of the Cell well in advance for placement before the State Govt. for approval and allocation of fund in the IT Department budget.
  • Identify training requirements of its personnel and recommend suitable short-term courses for building up expertise, and skills in areas like promotional strategy, competitive advantage, brand equity, and positioning, investment promotion etc. 
  • Attend sectoral meets on IT/ITES organized by agencies like NASSCOM, CII and other industry forums to keep abreast with the overall industry scenario in general and IT/ITES scenario in particular. 
  • Appoint Consultant as and when required, on important matters such as drafting of policies, programmes, strategy and action plans. 
  • Rendering escort services to important guests and prospective investors and Govt. dignitaries visiting the State. 
  • Publish a monthly newsletter on the state of affair and events in the IT/ITES sector with focus on local industry and development within the State.