There is a growing demand for the popular IT products to be packaged with local languages interface to widen the spread and scope of applications. Therefore the need for software professionals with knowledge of the most widely spoken languages of the world (besides English) like Spanish, Chinese, French, Japanese, German, Russian and Arabic is on the rise. The knowledge of a foreign language also provides a gateway into the culture and business practices of the country, which is extremely helpful to business organizations exploring/expanding business in overseas markets. Also in BPO sector, now-a-days there are Multi-Lingual call centres with demand for people having communication skills in foreign languages.  
OCAC has achieved considerable success on this front by running a technical Japanese Language Course since 1993, which is going strong. The IF & IT promotion Cell has been entrusted with the following activities/processes in this connection.

  • The Standardization of course contents and course materials in consultation with institutes/organizations of repute in the Japanese language like Japan Foundation and AOTS.
  • Sourcing of faculty (full time and part time) for running the course professionally.
  • Provision of infrastructure and facilities required for running the course qualitatively and advance teaching methods with language specific software tools.
  • Specifying eligibility criteria for admission into the course through a well established selection process comprising of evaluation of career, written test and personal interview.
  • Maintenance of a trainee database that serves as a good referral for the newly inducted ones and those passing out.
  • Providing placement assistance to those passing out the course with different level of proficiency by administering globally acceptable Tests

The Cell has plans to organize similar courses in other foreign languages by replicating the modalities of the Japanese Language programme.

Note: OCAC currently providing French Language Training Programme.