‘ଇ’ ଶାସନ ବ୍ୟବସ୍ଥା

Mo Sarkar is an important transformative initiative aligning with the 5T governance model. It sets a new paradigm on the way services are delivered to citizens. It is an epochal step in digital governance where the government is pro-active instead of only reactive to citizen’s concerns. Grievances of citizens can be found anywhere but they are usually clustered at hospitals and police stations frequented by the public. Mo Sarkar mandates that any citizen visiting these places will be treated with dignity and their concerns would be handled in an ethical and time-bound manner. The government authorities after looping in public feedback, swing into action. Officials delivering quality services to the citizens are rewarded whereas action is initiated against errant public functionaries who falter in their duties. 

Mo Sarkar is a one-of-its-kind initiative started by the Odisha government to inject professionalism and a sustained behavioural change in public offices and functionaries through a random feedback mechanism that directly connects the government with the citizens. 

This initiative evaluates government services based on citizen feedback and their experiences whilefacing government offices and other similar interfaces. It has enabled closer scrutiny of the services being delivered to the citizens by the government. The initiative reinforces a transparent governance system based on citizen feedback and experiences. The program draws strength from anextensive system of citizen outreachby leveraging thecontact centre and, thus embodying the spirit of 5T in its implementation. Citizen feedback serves as the cornerstone in running Mo Sarkar and helps to inch closer to the coveted goal of good governance. 

Mo Sarkar captures the phone number and demographics of the aggrieved citizens. Their details are shared with officials at all tiers of the state administration beginning from the Chief Minister’s Office to the district officials. 
This initiative in participative democracy is top driven as the Honourable Chief Minister personally makes 10 random calls each day to figure out if the complaints were redressed on time and in a professional manner to the satisfaction of the complainants. 

Mo Sarkar envisages a new era in responsive governance built on citizen centricity. Under this programme, the people wield real power and the government officers are accountable to them. A pioneering initiative, Mo Sarkar is a lodestar in e-governance solutions designed to reinforce last mile democracy.