‘ଇ’ ଶାସନ ବ୍ୟବସ୍ଥା

The 5T framework widely hailed as a ground breaking initiative in good governance sets a new benchmark in citizen delivery with the underpinnings of five Ts- Team work, Technology, Transparency and Time leading to Transformation

Teamwork – Working in coordination to resolve citizen grievances swiftly and implement development and welfare programmes effectively.

Technology – Leverage technology for understanding the needs of the public, mapping beneficiaries and monitoring implementation of various government programmes.

Transparency – Upholding integrity in public services by allowing transparent interfaces with the public to help them understand the initiatives better

Time – Following a citizen charter to deliver services in a time-bound manner and optimizing workforce as well as delivery mechanism to ensure services are delivered with quality and in time.

Transformation – Amalgamation of teamwork, technology, transparency and timelydelivery of services to bring about transformation in the lives of people of the state.

The Government of Odisha has been one of the prime movers in leveraging technology to make governance more people-centric. The 5T governance model is touted as a key enabler in enhancing transparency and accountability in government offices to deliver services in a time bound frame. For ensuring quantitative and qualitative appraisal of these programmes, the 5T framework sets KPIs and mandates close monitoring by tapping technology. 

Today, 5T is implemented across all public services in the state. The initiative is a forerunner to new schemes that amalgamate technology and temperament to deliver public services without hassles.