‘ଇ’ ଶାସନ ବ୍ୟବସ୍ଥା

The Government of Odisha has achieved remarkable strides in inclusive development of the state. This has been made possible through meticulous scheme planning and delivering them to the beneficiaries on the ground with a humane touch. However, to gauge the actual impact of these schemes on the targeted beneficiaries, it needs real time monitoring by defining some metrics through technology. Assessment of the ground level impact not only helps to keep tabs on the performance of various administrative departments but also propels the state to attain broader goals like promoting investments and employment generation. 

Given the need for constant monitoring and tracking to cement the twin objectives of transparency and accountability, the CM dashboard has been developed. This seamless, intuitive and interoperable solution taps the power of Visualization and Advanced Analytics to appraise the performance of departments and their schemes. This dashboard equips the top level administrators of the state to gain deeperinsights into the granulardetails of the implemented schemes and programs directed designed for citizens and other stakeholders.