• The Know GIS training series is an intensive, innovative, video-based course that provides participants with an understanding of the essential principles and elements of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and ArcGIS Desktop™ software. The course includes over sixteen hours of material, twelve primary tutorials, and relevant project data. This course provides the groundwork for becoming a productive ArcGIS Desktop ™ user.
  • Participants learn how to use ArcMap™, ArcCatalog™, and ArcToolbox™, and explore how these applications work in concert to organize, display, analyze, and present geographic information assets. This course covers GIS concepts as well as specific components and tools in the ArcView® license of ArcGIS Desktop™. Participants learn how to organize spatial data, query a GIS database, perform selections, edit and modify spatial data, update attribute tables, perform calculations using the field calculator, design and develop a File Geodatabase, register and rectify raster images, transform vector data, project spatial data, create maps and charts, generate reports, and explore spatial analysis.
  • Participants learn by watching and doing.


  • Lecture 1:    Effective Learning Strategies
  • Lecture 2:    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • Lecture 3:    Finding a Hidden Treasure using ArcGIS Desktop
  • Lecture 4:   What is ArcGIS?
  • Lecture 5:    Exploring ArcCatalog
  • Lecture 6:    Creating a File Geodatabase (Part 1 of 2)
  • Lecture 7:    Creating a File Geodatabase (Part 2 of 2)
  • Lecture 8:    Exploring ArcMap
  • Lecture 9:    Cartography and Making Maps
  • Lecture 10:   Editing and Creating Data with ArcMap
  • Lecture 11:   Exploring Tables, Graphs, and Reports.
  • Lecture 12:   Image Registration and Spatial Transformation
  • Lecture 13:   Exploring Simple Spatial Analysis



Arc/GIS                                                    60 Hrs


Arc/GIS Complete  Module                 Rs.6000/-


  • One-2-One Personalized Training
  • Expert Faculty Member Team
  • Hi-Tech Lab with all Modern facilities.
  • Well Designed Course Materials 
  • Extensive Practical Time