• e-Readiness in Government

    Government is convinced that the gap between the rich and the poor, between the more developed and the less developed, between the urban and rural population can be bridged by empowering the less privileged sections of society by providing equality of opportunity to access information and services. To this end, Government procedures in all Departments shall be re-engineered to use the ICT tools for attaining speed, transparency and effectiveness in implementing Government decisions and reaching them to the people. All the Departments and important administrative set-ups of the Government shall be connected to the Secretariat Local Area Network (LAN). Computerisation of District and field level offices of all Departments shall be taken up expeditiously. Departments connected with important public services and utilities shall be automated in their functioning and suitable public interface will be designed to provide the services.

  • Access to Information
    Government information such as various Cabinet Decisions, Forms, Procedures, Programs, Projects, Schemes, Tenders, Quotation Calls, Notice etc will be displayed in the State Portal for reference and use by the public. Designated Information Officers in individual Departments and offices shall be responsible to provide all information needs to the Government and public.

  • Citizen Services
    Various citizen services such as Payment of Utility Bills like Electricity Bills, Water & Sewerage Bills, Telephone Bills, Holding Tax, Filing CST Returns, Exam Fees for School Final, Exam Fees for JEEs, Filing IT Returns, Registration of birth and death and getting related certificates, getting various permits and licenses, downloading of Forms and Government Orders etc will be designed to be made available to the public through State Government Portal. These services will be available to the public from the information kiosks.