e-Governance for Transparency & Accountability

e-Governance for transparency, accountability and effectiveness


School & Mass Education Department

e-Shishu Project – an innovative project for Web based Child Tracking System. Created a comprehensive database of all children (1 crore 6 lakhs) below 14 years has been made functional. Under IMIS, all the 14 interventions under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are monitored online.

Closed User Group (CUG) model - V-Sat Connectivity based Communication network with district headquarters for effective communication.

10th National eGovernance Conference Award – Bronze Icon for best government web site.

Women & Child Development Department

e–Pragati – Creation of Anganwadi wise child database and putting in place a online tracking system. Linking with eShishu Project database.

Monitoring System - for SNP, MDM & EFP, Social Defence Women Welfare, Handicapped Welfare, Child Welfare and ICDS Schemes.

Food Supply & Consumer Welfare Department

PDS Information System

SMS Based Reporting System

Bar Coding based Tracking system

ST & SC Development Department

School & Teacher Information Management

Infrastructure and Hostel Information Management

Staff Quarters


Agriculture Department

Enabling delivery of Soil Analysis Report is under progress.

Access to information on seed stock status, dates of delivery and availability of fertilizers at different centres of each district.

Health & Family Welfare Department

Pilot Project for Rayagada District

Ticketing & Registration system deployed at SCB MedicalCollege, Cuttack

Panchayati Raj Department

NREGA Portal disseminating information on worksites, muster rolls and details of job card issued. i.e who to work and where to work. Web based system for issuing Job cards and registration of job seekers

Information of all programs and schemes available in the web

Dates of disbursement of OAP, Widow Pension, Disability Pension, List of beneficiaries under different schemes like IAY,OAP,ODP etc. are also available on the web

Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) numbers

PRIASOFT - Web Based monitoring of Funds Flow in the Panchayati Raj 3–tier system (District, Bock & GP).

RURALSOFT - Web Based monitoring progress of Projects / Schemes under various Poverty Alleviation Programs.

PAMIS – Block level Web Based Accounting Monitoring system. 

Rural Development Department

Web based monitoring of drinking water sources of 1.41 Lakh habitats spread over 50,000 villages.

Colour code based Tube Well maintenance monitoring i.e to indicate in process & completed work

Toilet Construction data under Orissa State and Water Sanitation Mission are already available on the web

Required forms with selection criteria and FAQs are also planned to be made available to the citizens in the web as well as in the booklet form in Oriya

Water Resources Department

Flood & Rainfall monitoring system, introduced at MahanadiBasin for monitoring water level.

Application software for monitoring of Irrigation Projects in the district

Codification of Irrigation projects for linking to GIS

Information dissemination on work executants, supervising officers, commencement and completion time.